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Bandwidth Exchange Project

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In this Project,we investigate an incentive mechanism called Bandwidth Exchange (BE) for cooperative forwarding where transmission bandwidth is used as a flexible resource. The advent of cognitive radios, capable of performing non-contiguous multicarrier modulation and orthogonal frequency division multiple access, enables the implementation of such exchange mechanisms. We focus on a three node network that consists of two users and one access point (AP). We consider two scenarios in our work. In the first scenario, two nodes communicate with the AP through the direct path. In the second scenario, one node acts as a relay of the other node. The relay node forwards the sender's data along with transmitting its own data to the AP. We investigate when the second scenario will outperform the first scenario. We plan to consider max sum rate, max min rate, etc. to be the evaluation criteria.

These pages are designed to give visitors a clear idea of what we have been working on this summer (2011) and it is also a good ressource for informations related to the subject of Bandwidth Exchange! . On the menu, there are six tabs that you can browse into. The most important ones are Abstract, Participant(s) or Contacts and Links :

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Bandwidth Exchange Group of Summer 2011