About Me:
I am a research scientist at facebook, working on ads ML infra. I received my PhD at WINLAB/ECE, Rutgers University in 2021, working with Prof. Dipankar Raychaudhuri and Prof. Yanyong Zhang.
Before joining the PhD program, I received my bachelor from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China in 2014 and worked on the undergraduate thesis at University Paris Nanterre, France in 2014.
Research Interests:
Edge computing, AI system

[13]"Elf: Accelerate high-resolution mobile deep vision with content-aware parallel offloading"
Wuyang Zhang, Zhezhi He, Luyang Liu, Zhenhua Jia, Yunxin Liu, Marco Gruteser, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Yanyong Zhang.
ACM MobiCom, 2021

ACM MobiCom 2021 [paper]

[12]"Updates with Multiple Service Classes"
Roy Yates, Jing Zhong, Wuyang Zhang

[11]"AggMEC: Efficiently Aggregating Internet of Things Packets at the Internet Edge"
Sugang Li, Andrey Garnaev, Wuyang Zhang, Zhenhua Jia, Liang Xiao, Yanyong Zhang, Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, submitted

[10]"Hetero-Edge: Orchestration of Real-time Vision Applications on Heterogeneous Edge Clouds"
Wuyang Zhang, Sugang Li, Luyang Liu, Zhenhua Jia, Yanyong Zhang, Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE INFOCOM 2019 [paper]

[9]"Self-Organizing Cellular Radio Access Network with Deep Learning"
Wuyang Zhang, Russel Ford, Joonyoung Cho, Charlie Jianzhong Zhang, Yanyong Zhang, Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE INFOCOM workshop 2019 [paper]

[8]"Age-aware Scheduling for Asynchronous ArrivingJobs in Edge Applications"
Jing Zhong*, Wuyang Zhang*, Roy D. Yates, Andrey Garnaev, Yanyong Zhang
IEEE INFOCOM workshop 2019 [paper]
*Co-primary authors

[7]"Maintaining Information Freshness under Jamming"
Andrey Garnaev, Wuyang Zhang, Jing Zhong, Roy Yates
IEEE INFOCOM workshop 2019 [paper]

[6]"EdgeDrive: Supporting Advanced Driver AssistanceSystems using Mobile Edge Clouds Networks"
Sumit Maheshwari, Wuyang Zhang, Ivan Seskar, Yanyong Zhang, Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE INFOCOM workshop 2019 [paper]

[5]"GMAP: A Hierarchically Aggregated In-Network Global Name Resolution Service"
Wuyang Zhang, Yi Hu, Roy Yates, Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, submitted

[4]"Cutting the Cord: Designing a High-quality Untethered VR System with Low Latency Remote Rendering"
Luyang Liu, Ruiguang Zhong, Wuyang Zhang, Yunxin Liu, Jiansong Zhang, Lintao Zhang, Marco Gruteser
ACM MobiSys 2018. [paper]

[3]"Continuous Low-Power Ammonia Monitoring Using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks"
Zhenhua Jia, Xinmeng Lyu, Wuyang Zhang, Richard P. Martin, Richard E. Howard, Yanyong Zhang
ACM SenSys 2018.[paper]

[2]"Towards Efficient Edge Cloud Augmentation for Virtual Reality MMOGs"
WuyangZhang. Jiachen Chen, Yanyong Zhang, and Dipankar Raychaudhuri
ACM SEC 2017.[paper]

[1]"Segue: Quality of Service Aware Edge Cloud Service Migration"
Wuyang Zhang, Yi Hu, Yanyong Zhang, and Dipankar Raychaudhuri
IEEE CloudCom 2016.[paper]
Samsung Research America, Self Organized Cellular Radio Access Network with Deep Learning, May 2018-Aug 2018
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