WINLAB, Rutgers University

Dragoslav Stojadinovic


I am a PhD student in electrical engineering at WINLAB, Rutgers University, NJ. My academic advisor is Prof. Wade Trappe. My research focusses on wireless spectrum sensing and cognitive radio.

Research Projects

A project that aims at enabling a richer range of experimental dynamic spectrum research supporting operation across 100Mhz - 6GHz in > 125MHz increments, hardware acceleration for real-world PHY waveforms at speeds of 100Mbps and higher, hardware virtualization capable of supporting multiple radios on the same platform. Developing wiserd - an open-source daemon type modularized and multithreaded C++ application that serves as the framework for distributed spectrum sensing system consisting of a number of deployed SDR sensors managed by a centralized controller.


Directional EW-aware Communications for On-the-move Networking project is exploring the development of a directional wireless networking architecture with OFDM waveform synchronized with GPS. A complete simulation of the entire architecture was built in Synopsys SPW.


As part of the EARS: Collaborative Research: Big Bandwidth: Finding Anomalous Needles in the Spectrum Haystack project, implemented and experimentally evaluated a game-theoretical spectrum scanning model to catch intruders/unauthorized users in a wide spectrum with a limited number of narrow-band scanners (USRPs), based on the probability of intruder presence in particular subbands.


Exploiting Network Awareness to Enhance DASH Over Wireless, F. Bronzino, D. Stojadinovic, C. Westphal and D. Raychaudhuri, Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Spectrum Scanning When the Intruder Might Have Knowledge About Scanner’s Capabilities, A. Garnaev, W. Trappe, D. Stojadinovic and I. Seskar, International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2015, Brisbane, Australia

Large Scale Spectrum Sensing Implementation for Cognitive Radio Systems, R. Caromi, D. Stojadinovic, I. Seskar and S. Mohan, Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Wireless Communication Technologies and Software Defined Radio (SDR - WInnComm) 2014, Schaumburg, IL

Simulation of Room Reverberation, D. Stojadinovic and M. Secujski, Digital Speech and Image Processing (DOGS) 2012, Kovacica, Serbia