This area covers architectures and protocols for next-generation wireless networks. Specific topics of activity in the mobile networking area at WINLAB include cellular-Internet convergence, 3G/WiFi hybrid networks, next-gen WLAN including directional/60 Ghz radio, ad hoc and mesh networks, vehicular networks, cross-layer protocol design, end-to-end transport protocols for mobility services, mobile content delivery and related caching algorithms, high-level mobile Internet archtiecture, future Internet architecture design and prototyping, and network security studies (wireless security, future Internet architecture security analysis, secure routing and name resolution, denial of service attacks).

Some ongoing research themes:

  • routing and MAC for 60 Ghz 802.11ad networks
  • cross-layer scheduling and application adaptation in 3G/WiMax networks
  • physical layer security techniques in wireless networks
  • cache-and-forward (CNF) architecture for mobile content delivery
  • storage-aware routing methods and hop-by-hop transport
  • separation of naming and addressing in mobile networks
  • implementation of global name resolution service (GNRS)
  • securing the global name resolution service in MobilityFirst;
  • protocol support for multi-homing and advanced multicast services
  • delay tolerant networking techniques for disconnected mobile users