Annual Membership Fee of $50,000
  • Direct access to all core research activities (includes Rutgers U, Govt and corporate sponsor pool supported projects) carried out within WINLAB. This includes early distribution of research results in the form of Technical Reports, semi-annual research review meetings, and access to available experimental design documents and data.
  • Object code licenses for evaluation/research use of WINLAB software (simulation models, protocol software, analysis tools, etc.).
  • Scheduled access to WINLAB’s laboratory facilities, upon request.
  • Access to WINLAB’s undergraduate and graduate student pool, including opportunities for supporting MS/PhD thesis research, internships at sponsor companies, and direct recruitment.
  • Opportunities for R&D collaboration via mechanisms such as WINLAB’s Visiting Scholar program.
  • Site visits for research reviews and technical consultation with WINLAB faculty.
  • Access to internal WINLAB seminars and tutorials; priority registration and discounted fees for external WINLAB workshops (usually held every 18 mo).