Research Review - Spring 2015

D. Raychaudhuri
Welcoming Remarks (video - slides)
Marco Gruteser
Future Directions in Connected Vehicle Research (video - slides)
Roy Yates
Connected Vehicles as a Status Updating Network(video - slides)
Janne Lindqvist
Security and Privacy on the Road(video - slides)
Yanyong Zhang
Supporting a Unified IoT Architecture through Information-Centric Networking (video - slides)
Wade Trappe
IoT Security Challenges (video - slides)
John Kenney
Keynote Talk: Dedicated Short Range Communications: Looking Beyond Deployment (video - slides)
Shubham Jain
LookUp: Enabling Pedestrian Safety Services via Shoe Sensing (video - slides)
Shreyasee Mukherjee
Multi-homed Vehicular Network Access (video - slides)
Bin Cheng
Coexistence of Congestion Control Algorithms in a Mixed Vehicular Network(video - slides)
Peter Jin (CAIT)
Invited Talk: Microscopic Vehicle Control With Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communications
Mehrnaz Tavan
Ad Hoc Vehicular Network Formation (video - slides)
Luyang Liu
Toward Detection of Unsafe Driving with Wearables(video - slides)
Ali Rostami
Stability Comparison of Vehicular Congestion Control Algorithms(video - slides)