Research Review - Fall 2014

D. Raychaudhuri
Welcoming Remarks (video - slides)
Christopher Rose
Some Fundamental Limits of Molecular Communication (video - slides)
Athina Petropulu
Networked Radar Systems using Compressive Sensing (video - slides)
Roy Yates
Status Updating in Systems and Networks (video - slides)
Yanyong Zhang
IoT Architecture Based on Information Centric Networks (video - slides)
Ivan Seskar
Wireless Software Defined Networks (video - slides)
Magnus Frodigh
A PATHWAY TO 5G (video - slides)
Christopher Mueller-Smith
Single Sensor Estimation of Radio Activity via Blind Block-Partitioned Tensor Decomposition (video - slides)
Brennan Young and Swapnil Mhaske
Efficient Structured Rate Adaptive Codes for 5G mmWave Communications (video - slides)
Mohammad Hajimirsadeghi
Joint Caching and Pricing Strategies in Information Centric Networks (video - slides)
Shreyasee Mukherjee and Shravan Sriram
Edge-Aware InterDomain Routing in the MobilityFirst Architecture (video - slides)
Kai Su and Francesco Bronzino
End-to-End Transport Layer Services in the MobilityFirst Network (video - slides)
Gorkam Kar
Detection of On-Road Vehicles Emanating GPS Interference (video - slides)
Bin Cheng
Comparing LIMERIC and DCC Approaches for VANET Channel Congestion Control (video - slides)
Xianyi Gao
Private Browsing: An Inquiry on Usability and Privacy Protection (video - slides)