Research Review - Spring 2014

D. Raychaudhuri
Welcoming Remarks (video - slides)
Janne Lindqvist
Human-Computer Interaction in Mobile
Computing – Overview and Research
Agenda (video - slides)
Yanyong Zhang
Learning Human Contexts through Unobtrusive Methods (video - slides)
Marco Gruteser
Towards Mobile Sensing of Attention and Distraction (video - slides)
Rebecca Wright
Differentially Private Modeling of Human Mobility
Anind Dey
SmartPhones as a Resource for Understanding People (video - slides)
Janne Lindqvist
Towards Science of Gesture-Based Authentication (video - slides)
Huiqing Fu
A Field Study of Android Location Access Disclosures (video - slides)
Xianyi Gao
Elastic Pathing – Your Speed is Enough to Track You (video - slides)
Chenren Xu
Crowd++: Unsupervised Speaker Count with Smartphones (video - slides)
Shubham Jain
Look up! Enabling Pedestrian Safety Services (video - slides)
Ben Firner
Low-cost Radio and TO as an Enabling Technology (video - slides)
Wenjia Yuan
Phase Messaging Tags for Time-of-Flight Cameras (video - slides)
Ashwin Ashok
What am I Looking at? Low Power Radio-Optical Beacons for In-View Recognition (video - slides)