WINLAB Research Review and Industrial Advisory Board Presentations - May 20 and 21, 2002

Morning Session - May 20, 2002

WINLAB Research Summary
D. Raychaudhuri

Device Research for the MUSE Initiative
Yicheng Lu

System-on-a-Chip Design, Testing and Low-Power Design for Wireless Applications
Michael L. Bushnell

Radio Modem Research
Narayan Mandayam

Radio Resource Management
Christopher Rose and Roy Yates

Mobile Networks Research: Area Review
Ivan Seskar and D. Raychaudhuri

Sensor Networks
Badri Nath

Afternoon Session - May 20, 2002

Temperature Compensation in ZnO-based Surface Acoustic Wave Devices and Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices
Pan Wu, Richard Wittstruck, Nuri W. Emanetoglu, Xiaojun Tong and Yicheng Lu

Combined Analog/Digital Spectral Testing for RF and DSP Circuits for Wireless Applications
Abhishek Bisaria and Michael Bushnell

UWB Communications - Initial Results
Predrag Spasojevic, D. Raychaudhuri, N. Mandayam, Y. Lu, J. Evans, I. Seskar, L. Razoumov, D. Wu, M. Demirhan and S. Muthuswamy

Comparative Evaluation of the FreeBits PHY: OFDM vs. Equalization
Shrenik Patel and Narayan Mandayam

3G/4G Research Topics for WINLAB Focus Projects
Leo Razoumov

Opportunistic Communications Under Energy and Delay Constraints
Henry Wang and Narayan Mandayam

Content Distribution for Mobile Infostation Networks
Wing Ho Andy Yuen, Roy D. Yates and Siun-Chuon Mau

Self-organizing 802.11b Networks
Kemal E. Tepe and D. Raychaudhuri

JaeWon Kang and Badri Nath

Morning Session - May 21, 2002
WINLAB Strategic Plan Update
D. Raychaudhuri