"Advancing the future of wireless communications"

Jie Lai and Narayan B. Mandayam

In this talk, we evaluate the performance of non-interleaved Reed-Solomon (RS) codes in wireless packet transmission over Rayleigh fading channels. Using the theory of level crossings, the fade arrivals in Rayleigh fading channels are characterized as a Poisson process and the probability density function of fade durations are also obtained. Thus the burst code symbol errors due to fades within a packet can be analyzed. Further, using the weight distribution of the RS code, the probability of incorrect decoding and the probability of error detection, which compose the probability of packet error, are also obtained. Our analytical approach allows us to directly study the influence of fade margin, Doppler frequency, and error-correction capability on the performance of non-interleaved RS codes. From the packet error rate, the throughputs are evaluated for different codes under different mean SNRs and different Doppler frequencies.

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