"Advancing the future of wireless communications"

Ana Lucia Iacono and Christopher Rose

The Infostations system consists of high-speed radios transmitting to very small and discontinuous cells. In our work we investigate the problem of delivering a file in a system where the data rate between the Infostations and the fixed network is low compared to the radio rate. This situation is the reverse of the usual wireless network model. We approach the problem assuming that deliveries can be made selectively to Infostations along a user path and derive bounds on minimum delivery delay for a variety of Infostations geometries. We show that for the highway model the delay decreases as the velocity increases. Another result is that the location novelty plays an important role in minimizing the delay since the fewer Infostations are revisited in a path, the lower the possible delay. We also provide an algorithm for file delivery and simulation results show that the algorithm is near-optimum (minimum delay).

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