FALL 1998

Welcome to WINLAB
David J. Goodman, Director

Error Correction & Power Control Based on Utility & Pricing
David Famolari, Narayan Mandayam and David Goodman

Performance of Non-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Codes in Rayleigh Fading Channels
Jie Lai and Narayan Mandayam

TDMA Interference Cancellation and Equalization Using Tentative Decisions
Kamesh Medepalli and Narayan Mandayam

Access Control for Voice/Data CDMA
Christina Comaniciu and Narayan Mandayam

File Delivery in an Infostations Systems
Ana Lucia Iacono and Christopher Roase

Services Over Cascaded Networks
B.R. Badrinath

Code Optimization in CDMA Systems
Sennur Ulukus and Roy Yates

Interference Avoidance With Software Radios
Christopher Rose