"Packets", the WINLAB newsletter, keeps our subscribers up to date on the recent developments and events occurring at WINLAB.  Below is a listing of past issues and articles which are available in PDF format.

January 2000 Issue - Volume 9, No. 1

        "WINLAB and Friends Celebrate Marconi Day"
        "Marconi Day Speakers Offer a Rich and Varied Perspective"
        "DiPiazza and Frenkiel Find New Roles"
        "Sponsors Review WINLAB Research"

July 1999 Issue - Volume 8, No. 1

        "WINLAB's 10th and Marconi's 100th - Perfect Together"
        "Career Shift for WINLAB Director"
        "W-CDMA:  WINLAB and NTT DoCoMo 'WiPPET' Up"
        "Sponsors Endorse WINLAB Research Agenda"
        "WINLAB A.D. (After David)
        "FOCUS '99 Looks at 'Radio Networks for Everything'"
        "A Professor's Diary: Carpooling on the Internet"

December 1998 Issue - Volume 7, No. 4

        "WINLAB Appoints New Technical Director"
        "Sponsors Sample WINLAB Work"
        "Sponsors Endorse New Initiatives"
        "Professor's Diary:  A Walk in the Garden with Chris Rose"
        "New Jersey Launches Wireless Excellence Center"
        "WINLAB Collaborates in a Study of Collaboration"
        "WINLAB Professor Receives Prestigious NSF Career Award"

Fall 1998 Issue - Volume 7, No. 3

        "WINLAB - Then and Now"
        "Focus '98 is a Clear Success"
        "Sponsors Review WINLAB Research"
        "Gang Wu - WINLAB Visiting Scholar"