Princeton, New Jersey
September 25-27, 1996


Date: September 25-27, 1995
Place: Princeton, New Jersey, USA
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SESSION P1 - Broadband Wireless
Keynote Speech:   David Messerschmitt - UC Berkeley
P.1.1.1  Wireless Intelligent ATM Network
F-C. Cheng, J.M. Holtzman (WINLAB - Rutgers University)
Interconnection of Wireless Networks Using an ATM Backbone 
D. Boswarthick, C. Bonnet and D. Loisel (Eurecom Institute - France)
Handoff and Location Management in Mobile ATM Networks 
A. Acharya, S.K. Biswas, L.J. French, J. Li, and D. Raychaudhuri (NEC USA Inc.)
P.1.1.4 Wireless ATM: Limits, Challenges and Proposals
E. Ayanoglu, K.Y. Eng and M.J. Karol (Bell Laboratories - Lucent Technologies)


SESSION A.1.1 - Network Performance
A.1.1.1  Performance Issues for Cellular & Future Wireless Networks
B. Doshi (Lucent Technologies)
Comparison of Multicast Flow Control Algorithms Over Combined Wireless/Wired Networks 
A.H. Wang and M. Schwartz (Columbia University)
Interconnection Strategies for Wireless Access Network Architectures 
E. Sousa and H. Yanikomeroglu (University of Toronto)
A.1.1.4 Scheduling to Meet Varying Quality of Service Requirements in Wireless Packet Networks
J.M. Harris and S.P. Kumar (Northwestern University)

SESSION B.1.1 - Mobile MM Software & Applications
B.1.1.1  Loss Profiles at the Link Layer
K. Brown and S.P. Singh (University of South Carolina)
Security for a Connectionless Peer-To-Peer Link 
D.G. Proudler (Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol, UK)
Follow-Me-Video in a Distributed Computing Environment 
M.G. Brown and H. Syfrig (Olivetti Research Ltd., Cambridge, UK)
B.1.1.4 Forest Fire Monitoring Using a GSM Based System
F. Ramos, S. Baltazar, R. Castro and O. Santos (University of Aveiro/INESC)
B.1.1.5 Experiences With the Development of Mobile Multimedia Applications
D. Gollnick (Dresden University of Technology)


SESSION A.1.2 - Media Access
A.1.2.1  Adaptive Packet Reservation Multiple Access (A-PRMA) for Broadband Wireless ATM
S. Noerskov, U. Gliese and K. Stubkjaer (Technical University of Denmark)
Bandwidth Allocation for VBR Video in Wireless ATM Networks 
S.K. Biswas and D. Reinenger (NEC USA, Inc.)
A Request-TDMA Multiple-Access Scheme for Wireless Multimedia Networks 
G.R.J. Linnenbank, P. Venkataram, P.J.M. Havinga, S.J. Mullender and G.J.M. Smit
(University of Twente)
A.1.2.4 Performance Evaluation of Reserved Idle Signal Multiple Access with Collision Resolution
F. Watanabe, (University of Electro-Communications - Tokyo)
G. Wu and H. Sasaoka (Ministry of Posts of Telecommunications - Japan)
A.1.2.5 Performance of PBMA with Contiguous Slot Assignment for Wireless Multimedia Networks
F. Khan and D. Zeghlache (Institut National des Telecommunications)

SESSION B.1.2 - MPEG-4 & Video Coding
B.1.2.1  A Review of the Universal Accessibility Functionality of MPEG-4
J. Brailean and S. Levine (Motorola)
J. Arnold and M. Frater (University of New South Wales)
Robustness Considerations in ISO MPEG-4 and ITU-T Mobile Video Standards 
A. Puri. A. Reibman, R.L. Schmidt and B. Haskell (AT&T Labs)
Video Coding with Adaptive Block Update 
C.W. Kok and T. Chen (AT&T Labs)
B.1.2.4 Robust Image Coding and Transport in Wireless Networks Using Non-Hierarchical Decomposition
Y Wang and D-M. Chung (Polytechnic University)

SESSION P2 - Wireless Multimedia System
Keynote Speech:   A Hopper - Olivetti Research, Ltd.
P.2.1.1a  The OnTheMove Project 
J. Harmer (BT Laboratories)
Field Trials of the European Project: OnTheMove (Testbed & Results) 
T. Wierlemann and K. David (DeTeMobile Telekom MobiNet GmbH)
Design Experience with an Integrated Testbed for Wireless Multimedia Computing 
C. Chien, S. Nazareth, P.Lettieri, W.A. Boring IV, J. Chen, S. Molloy, M. Siqueira,
A. Alwan and R. Jain (UCLA) 
P.2.1.3 Towards End-to-End Programmability for QoS Controlled Mobility in ATM Networks
and Their Wireless Extension
A. Campbell (Columbia University)
P.2.1.4 Distributed Systems Software for Mobile Computing
T. Imielinski and B.R. Badrinath (Rutgers University)

A.2.1.1  Fundamental Issues and Tradeoffs for Multimedia Services Over Wireless CDMA Networks
C-L. I and S. Nanda (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies)
System Capacity Design Based on Communication Quality for Cellular CDMA Systems 
Y. Ishikawa and N. Umeda (NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc.)
Interaction of a Wireless Data Access Control Scheme with TCP 
S. Ramakrishna and J. M. Holtzman (Rutgers University - WINLAB)
A.2.1.4 Integrated Voice and Video Services in Microcellular CDMA Systems - Downlink Power-based Call Admission
S. Kandala and P. Mermelstein (INRS Telecommunications
A.2.1.5 Simulation Study of Integrated Video, Voice and Data Transmissionin Common-Code DS/CDMA Systems
J. Bito, H. Schulz and P. Noll (Technical University of Berlin)

SESSION B.2.1 - Wireless Video
B.2.1.1  Content-Based Video Transmission Over Wireless Channels
P. Batra and S-F. Chang (Columbia University)
Strategies for Transmission of Compressed Video over Error-Prone Radio Channels 
P. Bahl (Digital Equipment Corp.) and I. Chlamtac (Boston University)
Forward Error Control for MPEG-2 Video Transport in a Wireless ATM LAN 
E. Ayanoglu, P. Pancha, and A. Reibman (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies)
S. Talwar (Stanford University)
B.2.1.4 Compressed Video Over Wireless ATM with Fast Cell Loss Recovery
G. Thomas (University of S.W. Louisiana)

SESSION A.2.2 - PCS/Cellular
A.2.2.1  Evaluation of Channel Allocation Scheme Considering Moving Direction
S. Kondo, T. Oono and H. Takanashi (NTT DoCoMo)
Cellular Communication Systems with Voice and Background Data 
S. Rappaport and Y. Park (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Downlink Performance of the General Packet Radio Service for GSM 
R. Ludwig (Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH)
A.2.2.4 Asynchronous MAC Protocol for Wireless DS-CDMA Network Carrying Multirate Traffic
Q. Wang (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and R. Pichna (University of Victoria)

SESSION B.2.2 - Mobility Protocols
B.2.2.1  Handoff Protocols and Analysis for TDMA PCS with ATM Backbone
M. Cheng and L-F. Chang (Bellcore)
Virtual Paths in Hierarchical Wireless ATM Networks
S. Srinivasan and M. Veeraraghavan (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies)
An Active Network Architecture for ATM WANs 
A.N. Kulkarni, V.S. Frost amd J. Evans (University of Kansas)
B.2.2.4 Mobility and Quality of Service (QoS) in the Internet
B. Rajagopalan (Bellcore)

SESSION P3 - Mobile Multimedia Terminal
Keynote Speech:   K. Broderson - UC Berkeley
P.3.1.1  Reducing Power Consumption of Network Interfaces in Hand-Held Devices
M. Stemm, P. Gauthier and D. Harada (UC Berkeley)
Signal Processing for an Ultra Low Power Wireless Video Camera 
A. Chandrakasan, T. Simon, J. Goodman and W. Rabiner (MIT)
P.3.1.3 Low Power Technologies:  A Systems Perspective
E.P. Harris and K. W. Warren (IBM TJ Watson Research Center
P.3.1.4 A Low Power Medium Access Control Protocol for Portable Multimedia Systems
W. Mangione-Smith and P.S. Ghang (UCLA)


SESSION A.3.1 - Modem/PHY
A.3.1.1  OFDM with Diversity and Coding for High-Bit-Rate Mobile Data Applications
L.J. Cimini and N.R. Sollenberger (AT&T Research)
Delayed Decision Feedback Sequence Estimator for GMSK Burst Modems 
M. Hitoshi (NEC Corporation - Japan)
Performance of Punctured Codes for Wireless ATM Networks 
M. Barton, L-F. Chang (Bellcore))
A.3.1.4 Impact of Antenna Choices on the Reliability of MObile Broadband Transmission at Millimetre-Wave Frequencies
A. Gusmao, R. Dinis and P. Silva (Technical University of Lisbon)


SESSION B.3.1 - Nomadic Computing
B.3.1.1  On End-to-End Selective Acknowledgements Over Heterogeneous Networks
U. Madhow and J. Waldby (University of Illinois)
Mobile-TCP:  An Asymmetric Transport Protocol Design for Mobile Systems 
Z. Haas (Cornell University)
On Accommodating Mobile Hosts in an Integrated Services Packet Network 
A.K. Talkudar and B.R. Badrinath (Rutgers University) and A. Acharya (NEC USA, Inc.)
B.3.1.4 Extensions to RTP to Support Mobile Networking
K. Brown and S.P. Singh (University of South Carolina)
B.3.1.5 Mobile Middleware:  Additional Functionalities to Cover Wireless Terminals
A.S.B Park, J. Meggers and R. Ludwig (Aachen University of Technology)


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